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Submitted provides a centralised platform for companies and recruitment agencies. Both parties benefit from expanding their reach to a greater network. Submitted enables companies and agencies to seamlessly communicate with the intention to find and place candidates.


Submitted provides a competitive advantage in terms of its speed and quality. Companies and agencies benefit from being able to work proactively. Recruitment agencies can focus their attention on great candidates whilst companies benefit from these pre existing candidate networks when advertising their vacancy.


By creating a proactive recruitment environment, operating efficiencies can be realised. Agencies can start maximising their income from their networks and companies can start to minimise the time they spend filling each vacancy. Flexible commission structures should also lead to increases in agency released job vacancies.

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Submitted is an innovative platform that brings efficiency to recruitment.

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Increasingly, top talent will no longer apply for jobs. That is my prediction. Their next job will come to them. Or be brought to them.
Greg Savage

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About Submitted

The overarching goal of Submitted is to help managed talent come together with the right employer. Submitted provides a centralised platform for companies and agencies, reversing the current industry structure and creating a proactive talent acquisition environment. Submitted is the first talent acquisition solution of it’s type globally and we believe that the total industry will benefit from this innovative solution.

Submitted's vision is to streamline the Global recruitment services industry, providing organisations' with a talent sourcing solution that is unmatched in it’s speed, candidate reach, and candidate quality through enabling the efficient optimisation of recruitment agencies.

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